Equine Soft Tissue Injury & Treatment

Veterinarians, equine therapists and top trainers all over the world use Therascope as a stand alone and supplemental treatment.

The veterinarian anticipated it would take six months to heal this hoof injury. It actually healed just two days short of three months with Therascope treatment.

“Just recently, we got remarkable results using the Therascope 1000 on a two-year old Thoroughbred with a lacerated hock. We also used microstimulation to reduce filling in an old bowed tendon. Our polo pony clients use the Therascope 1000 to treat a variety of soft tissue injuries with consistently faster healing.”

Lisa Handy, DVM
Shannon Mill, DVM
Carolina Equine, Aiken, SC

“I can’t believe the uses I have found for my Therascope. For my competition horses, my 13 year old spaniel, and myself. It’s the best investment, the best all around therapy I’ve ever used.”

Sandy Bonelli 
Top money winning non-pro cutter

“We almost bowed a tendon on one of our show horses and by using the Therascope we were able to cut down healing time from 4 to 2 weeks. I have had several chances to sell my Therascope but we don’t want to part with it.”

Paula Woods
Top non-pro cutter and wife of
cutting horse trainer Koby Woods

“I am a firm believer in what the Therascope can do.  I pre-event my horses with the Therascope and as you can see by this picture, the treatments really help a horse do all he is capable of with reduced risk of injury.”

Clay Logan, Roping Horse Trainer, Perfomance Horses

“What impresses me most about the Therascope 1000 is how relaxed even horses that are in pain get.”

Colleen Murphy Logan, Performance Horse Care Owner and Equine Physical Therapist, Grandbury, TX